Angel (Lady Whitefang’s Winged Angel)

Angel is our beloved puff-girl and our first dog. She was the only girl in a litter of 6. Right from the first day, Angel settled in greatly in our home and she is very attached to her people. Those she sees as “hers” she really LOVES and goes crazy with happiness when she meets them. She is a very kind girl and a cuddlebear greater than you can imagine! You simply can’t get enough cuddles according to her. Food is another thing she can’t get enough of and she will eat pretty much anything. Going for walks is high on her favourite things to do-list, especially if she gets to sniff around all she wants, preferably run a bit and roll around and get messy. Fortunately, Angel is pretty easy to groom and she is generally patient when it comes to bathing, brushing etc, so it’s not really such a big problem that she gets messy now and then.

When it comes to her temper, Angel is calm, but goes crazy once in a while and can at times be somewhat shy with strangers. It doesn’t take her long to warm up to strangers however, and she is easily bribed with a treat or some cuddles. She handles most situations very well and find it no problem being anywhere from the forest to a busy city street. Sharp shot-like noises she tends to find scary, but other than that, little seem to frighten her.

Angel really lives up to her name, even though sometimes she doesn’t have her halo on quite straight!

Angel's pedigree