Welcome! This page is primarily about my beloved dogs, Angel, Pixie and Willow. I’ve always been very fond of animals and had been playing with the idea of getting a dog for a while. After talking it over with my husband, we agreed to start looking around for a suitable breed at the start of 2008. I started searching the net and reading books, open to different breeds. The only thing we knew for sure, was that we wanted a small dog. I felt that the most important thing was to find a breed that would fit best into our daily life and early on the Chinese Crested stood out as a strong candidate. I thought the furred variety, the Powder Puff, was very cute too and after another talk with my husband, we agreed that this was the breed for us. Our plan was to wait to the end of the year or the start of 2009 before getting a four legged little friend.

But things don’t always go as planned… hehe. I started to look for potential breeders of CC, because there are a lot of both serious and not so serious breeders out there. High on the priority list were that the parent-animals were properly health tested, the puppies socialized well and I preferred that the breeder didn’t live too far away if possible. While searching, I came across a little girl I totally fell for – but she was ready for a home soon,not in about a year as our plan was. I kept going back and look at the little girl and one day the website says she was “soon ready to move out”. I couldn’t help myself and sent an e-mail to her breeder, Lady Whitefang, to ask a bit about the puppy. The next day the phone rang and a very friendly lady introduced herself as Anne Kari from Lady Whitefang and from that point, everything happened superfast! Slightly overwhelmed and very excited I called my husband and it was decided we would go to see the puppy. It was love at first sight and a couple of weeks later a fluffy, little white ball with the name Angel moved in. It is Angel’s name that has been the inspiration for the title of this page.

Angel really opened our eyes about what a wonderful breed the CC is and the little girl could not be more loved! Pretty soon it was clear to us that we wanted a little sister for Angel and in the spring of 2009, a little naked girl named Pixie moved in. At the very end of the same year, another beautiful naked girl caught my eye and at the end of February 2010 our third girl Willow joined our family. The girls bring us so much joy and our lives will never be the same without Chinese Crested!