Myths about the Chinese Crested

There are a lot of myths about the CC. Here are some of the most common ones and the truths about them:

Myth: The CC is a breed with a lot of disease.
Truth: No, the CC is not a particularly sick breed. Generally itís a sound breed, but of course there are illnesses on this breed as all others, and some are more common than others. A CC should always be tested for the more common diseases before being used in breeding.

Myth: The Puffs are born into litters to keep their naked siblings warm.
Truth: This is nonsense! Litters without Puffs manage just as well as litters with Puffs. All naked are carriers of the fur-gene and because of this, you will get both varieties in the same litter. If two Puffs are bred, you will only get Puff-puppies.

Myth: Puffs have to be used in breeding at least every 3rd generation or the breed will get sickly, have lots of disease and eventually die out.
Truth: There is no truth to this at all. All naked are carriers of both the naked-gene and the fur-gene and will as such get both kinds of puppies whether Puffs are used in breeding or not. Using Puffs in breeding does not affect the teeth-status or hair of the naked.

Myth: CCs are very fragile. They generally get easily hurt, the naked canít be outside during the winter and donít tolerate much sun.
Truth: This is wrong. The CCs are tough and have a lot of endurance and are strong, considering their size. The naked can of course go out during the winter, but if itís cold, they need to wear some clothes. A fleece suite is a good alternative. The sun and heat, the CCs love! If thereís a spot of sun somewhere, thatís usually where youíll find a CC. If you have a CC with light pigmentation, it will need sunscreen in strong, direct sunlight.

Myth: The CC is an allergy-friendly breed.
Truth: Yes and no. Some people that are allergic to dogs do not have an allergic reaction to the CC, mainly because of no or very little shedding by the breed. However, many people with allergies react to other things than the fur of a dog, e.g the saliva, and for these people the CC will be no more allergy-friendly than any other dog. If you have allergies, itís very important to test out if you have an allergic reaction to the CC before getting one!