Norwegian Show System


Short terms and classes:

Puppy classes 4-6 months og 6-9 months:
These classes are not official and there are no puppy classes at the NKK shows.
Juniorklasse (JK): These are ”the young adults”. Age: 9 – 18 months. They can not get CACIB in NKK shows. Unghundklasse (UK): 15 - 24 months
Åpen klasse (AK): 15 months and up. Not champions.
Championklasse (CH): Champions. Foreign champions can participate in this class.
Veteranklasse (VK): Over 7 years of age. They can not get CACIB in NKK shows.

HP: (Prize of honour) the dog is almost good enough to get a CK, but not quite. The dog doesn’t return for the second round.
CK: (Certificate/Champion quality) the dog might be worthy of a cert, and goes on to the competition round.
CERT: (Certificate) The dog can collect three certificates to obtain the title Champion. But one Cert (CAC) must be from a
CACIB: The dog is worthy of the title Champion in its home country. 4 CACIB from 3 different judges in 3 different countries makes the dog international champion. You can get CACIB only at NKK show and the dog must be 15 months or older.


First round:

Red = Quality 1
Blue = Quality 2
Yellow = Quality 3

You get the ribbons after you have been judged by running in a circle and on the show table. A red ribbon sends you to second round. If you get blue or yellow, you are finished and have to leave the show ring.


Second round:

All the dogs in this round got a red ribbon in the first round. Everyone runs a couple of times in the show ring. Then the judge decides the places.
In this round we meet some new ribbon colours:

Purple = HP (Prize of Honor)
Pink = CK (Certificate/Champion quality)

When the judge has placed each dog, they can give a purple or pink ribbon to specially promising dogs. The judge themselves decides how many HP’s or CK’s they will give. Besides the purple and the pink ribbon the dogs get red, blue, yellow or green ribbons. These ribbons now tell the dog's place.
For example:

1st place: Gets a red and a pink ribbon
2nd place: Gets a blue and a pink ribbon
3rd place: Gets a yellow and a purple ribbon
4th place: Gets just a green ribbon

In this example 1st and 2nd place goes on to the best of males/ females class.


The best of males and best of females class:

The dogs are shown by age. They run a few rounds and the judge makes his decision. The Cert (CAC) goes to the best dog that’s not already a Norwegian Champion. If the judge has placed three Champions as number one, two and three, then number four gets the Cert (CAC). The dog on 1st place gets the Cert (CAC) if it’s not already a champion.
After the selection of the best dog, the next step is Best of Breed, and Best of Opposite Sex. Here the best male and the best female compete for the title Best of Breed. First runner up will become Best of Opposite Sex. The dog with the title Best of Breed goes to the Best in Group competition (against all of the toy dogs). The winner of Best in Group goes on to Best in Show against the winners of the other groups and the winner here becomes Best in Show.


How to become a Norwegian Champion:

To become a Norwegian Champion (NuCH) you need at least three Cert. You have to achieve at least two cert’s from shows held by different breed clubs and at least a cert achieved from a show held by NKK. You can start collecting Cert’s from 9 months of age. The dog has to be 2 years of age before it gets the title NuCH.


(source: Anette Bålsrud)